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Outline of Barber Program

Proper accredited barber programs are a rarity nowadays. As the only barber school in Springfield, the Academy of Hair Design barber curriculum combines new with tried-and-true techniques that set students up for success.

Students in the barber program learn modern techniques out of the “typical” realm of barbering including access to additional cutting, styling, and color training that is uncommon in traditional barber schools.

Barber courses include:

As with our cosmetology program, barber students are also educated using the Salon Summit Business Center and by educators trained by L’Oreal Professionnel.

Salon Realities

We believe the number one way to teach our students how to be successful in a salon, barbershop, or spa is to simulate that environment throughout their time at the Academy. Out of this belief, the Academy team developed Salon Realities to create this atmosphere on the educational level.

The student body is divided the into salon teams and challenged with real-life situations they may encounter when working. The teams compete against each other on a monthly basis in the areas of guest count, requests, product sales, and attendance.

Each team is set as a functioning salon including positions of:

Owner/Salon Manager (Academy Educator)

Student Salon Co-Managers (Academy Students)

Student Council Member (Academy Students)

These roles will allow students to:

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Honor Certificate Program

Barber students can honor in and receive official certifications in five different fields with our Honor Certificate program, including:

Upon completing the criteria for an Honor Certificate, students will receive a verification they may include in their future portfolio, setting them apart from the competition.

Portfolio Building

Portfolios are a crucial part to getting started in the industry. When interviewing, employers will review portfolios to gather knowledge about a candidate’s skills, talents, accomplisments, and reputation as a future professional.

To prepare students with this important tool, portfolio building is incorporated into all levels of coursework. Seniors will complete a well-crafted portfolio with photos, certificates, and other materials that will support their future success as a barber.

Licensing Detail

Our barber program includes 1,000 hours of theory hands-on coursework and theory to provide students with a well-rounded education and prepare them for the state-licensing exam. Discover more about the various training programs offered by Academy of Hair Design.