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What forms do I need to fill out to get started?

During your initial visit at the Academy, you will be provided and Enrollment Application. Once completing this application, any person wishing to attend Academy of Hair Design must submit to the Admissions Department. We recommend completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid) with our school code as soon as the decision is made to apply with the Academy.

How do I book a tour with Academy of Hair Design?

An academy tour is your first step to a salon, spa or barbering career. Please contact us to book your tour by calling us at 417.881.8900.

How do I choose the right program?

We offer four programs, which have some similarities and some differences. To help you find your perfect fit, we like to discuss where your interest, passion and creativity lies. Our admissions officers will ask questions and get to know you to determine if Academy of Hair Design is the right fit for you and which program would be best for you to enroll.

How long does it take to complete my training?

Our cosmetology program is designed for a full time student to finish the required 1500 hours in an 11-month time period, and barbering program is 1000 hours and can be completed on a full time schedule in an 8-month time period. Our esthetic program is designed for a full time student to finish the required 750 hours in an 6-month time period, and the manicuring program is 600 hours and can be completed on a full time schedule in an 4 1/2-month time period. Course hours total 33.5 hours per week, operating on a salon schedule so you can be prepared to work both evening and daytime hours.

Can I customize my program?

Of course! You will learn all the skills needed to pass the state boards but once you’re immersed in the program and you’ve found your areas of interest, you can customize your education with our Honor Certificate program. Students at Academy of Hair Design will have an opportunity to take advanced classes in their chosen areas of interest. After taking the classes, showing mastery of the skills, and turning in all required projects, the student will be awarded an Honors Certificate in that area of study.

How often do new classes start?

We offer classes on a rotating schedule, with classes starting continually throughout the year. Academy of Hair Design class schedules have been designed to help our students begin developing productive salon habits and building a business from the beginning of their education. Therefore, students have schedule options that will allow them to attend classes in a combination of daytime and evening hours so that they can get the practical experience on a real clientele with the hopes of keeping those clients after they graduate.

Is the Academy of Hair Design accredited?

Yes! We are accredited through NAACAS (National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences).


2014 Annual Reports

Graduation Rate     89.80%
Placement Rate     88.37%
Licensure Rate     96.05%

The above information is Academy of Hair Design’s findings for the 2014 annual report, due November 30, 2015.

How much is tuition for each program?

Costs for attending our training programs are listed below and are all-inclusive with your tuition, tool kit, books, registration fee, and student license fee.

Cosmetology Barber Esthetics Manicuring
Tuition $12,900 $11,900 $8,375 $6,000
Kit/Books $1,500 $1,500 $525 $900
Registration Fee $100 $100 $100 $100
Total $14,500 $13,500 $9,000 $7,000

Are any tools or supplies included with the tuition? 

You will receive a customized kit with professional-grade salon tools. Our kits are a point of pride, stocked with customized tools that will take you through the state boards and beyond.

Do you accept FAFSA?

Yes, we accept government financial aid for students obtaining their training at our Academy. We recommend completing the FAFSA as soon as you are considering attending training. Be sure to include our school code, this allows us to advise you on eligibility and funds to attend our academy.

Our school code:  040375

Who can I reach out to with financial questions?

We understand that finances and tuition can be complicated at times, so we have a friendly and knowledgeable team who are here to answer all of your questions and walk you through the process until it is complete.  Please contact our Financial Aid Department at 417.881.3900 ext. 304 and we will set up an appointment.

Financial Aid Director, Marge Stimson


Do you offer an advanced course or finishing program?

Yes. Once you are an alumna, you can always come back to freshen up your skills and learn new techniques. We provide preferential treatment to graduates and discounts depending on the class. To enroll in a class after graduation, please contact us here.

Do you help to place students after they graduate?

We are always networking with salons throughout the area to help students find jobs upon graduation. We know that each salon has a different vibe and personality, and we work with students to fit them into the right location. To aid in their application process each student produces a portfolio and resume during their time at the Academy.

Do I need to take an exam to get my license?

Yes, Missouri state law requires that all students take and pass their mandated state exam, which consist of a theory and practical portion. To learn more about their requirements, click here.

Will I only be licensed in Missouri?

Yes, each state has their own licensing requirements. We prep students to pass the Missouri exam, many states have a reciprocity process that allows Missouri-licensed professionals to apply for a license in their states. If you are planning to move out of state once you graduate, call or come in and we can walk you through that process.

About the Academy & Curriculum

Are there any additional Academy locations?

Academy of Hair Design was founded with the purpose of serving others here and abroad. The academy has an affiliated school in Rwanda, Africa, as well as two other academies, Academy of Hair Design and BeVelle Barber School in Austin, Texas. We plan to continue to grow globally by building a network of schools in developing countries to empower people and give them hope.

What is the Summit program?

The Summit Salon Business Center is a program that teaches students business skills necessary for succeeding in owning and operating salons. Through Summit, you will learn how to increase your average ticket, reservations, add-on services and retail sales and learn other important ins and outs of the salon business.

Do you offer salon services?

Yes, within the school there is a fully functional salon and spa where students get to work on actual clients. The salon preps you to leave school with a clientele already in place.

Will I get to work on real clients?  

Yes, in our student salon, you will work with real clients. This will help you learn how to conduct a proper consultation, develop skills and build a clientele.