In 1995, Jerry BeVelle and David and Christie Gonzales were running a successful chain of hair salons. Their greatest limitation was attracting and keeping qualified stylists who could meet the needs of the modern salon customers. This fell into two primary areas. First, these stylists had to be excellent at cutting hair and second, they had to be well trained at doing color and other higher priced chemical services. Springfield had only one school at the time, and Jerry, David and Christie felt that in order to meet the employment demands of their growing salon group they must actually participate in the training of their own stylists. They would start a school that would truly teach the techniques and business principles that would ensure success in today’s salons. No more shampoo sets and blue hair specials; no, they would focus on a younger, hipper clientele by teaching clipper cutting and color. They focused on using the best products in the industry so that students would have experience in using high end professional back bar and retail products.

From the beginning the focus was, and still is, to teach the student the skills and abilities to be successful in the salon and not simply how to pass the state test. This approach would build a loyal and successful customer base that would refer friends and enable us to build our business. Now the Academy is turning 20 years old, has served over 1000 students in the Ozarks, and boasts the salon owner’s choice for best school in the SW Missouri area. We are proud of our strong reputation and grateful to serve this thriving industry and its creative artists.

In 2015, Academy of Hair Design opened two additional schools, Academy of Hair Design and BeVelle Barber School, located in Austin, Texas.

Mission Statement

The Academy of Hair Design is committed to providing quality education in the state of Missouri. We offer students excellent technical training and an education that prepares them for state licensing and a successful career. Students develop skills in the classroom and clinical laboratories, and do the required number of hours in haircutting, styling, perming and hair coloring, nails, skin care, make-up and hair removal. The mission of the Academy encourages the development of an educated person who is an independent learner, possesses an eclectic body of knowledge, thinks critically, sets challenging goals for him/herself, and most importantly, learns to fully use the education and skills that enable him/her to achieve success in the hair styling industry and/or nail, and skin care fields.

Academy of Hair Design focuses on individual transformation starting with a first-class education in cosmetology, barbering, esthetics, and manicuring. The academy is committed to helping students reach their full potential by preparing them for a career in the beauty and barber industry.

The academy also was founded with the purpose of serving others, growing locally so it can continue to grow globally by building a network of schools in developing countries to empower people and give them hope. The vision of this local and global strategy attracts great faculty, students and salon clients who desire to make a difference. Academy of Hair Design provides a unique education for students who desire to explore their passions and creativity, learn professional salon techniques and business skills, and successfully stand out in the beauty industry.

A Unique Curriculum

The Academy’s high standards of excellence in professional training are reflected in our curriculum. Students are immersed in a program that teaches modern techniques, preparing them for future success in an evolving industry. The Academy offers training in four areas of licensing, which allows customizable curriculum through Honor Certificate program, and Salon Realities teams that prepare newly licensed professionals to easily transition into their career.

Enriching Collaborations

The hair and beauty industry is two-sided, merging creativity and artistry with business acumen. At Academy of Hair Design, we know that the technical side of the industry isn’t the only key to your future success. It’s necessary in many top salons, barbershops, and spas to possess important business skills to increase prosperity and growth.

To nurture creativity, the Academy has partnered with L’Oreal Professionnel, bringing students access to high-quality products, not typically found in schools. L’Oreal Professionnel schedules regular classes for students at the Academy to be taught by artists trained in the latest techniques and product knowledge.

On the business end, the Academy has merged its Salon Realities Program with Salon Summit Business Center to teach business, leadership and collaboration techniques. By combining Summit with Salon Realities, the Gonzales’s believe their educators have created the best real-world experience within a nurturing educational environment.

The Academy of Hair Design is committed to business coaching AND life coaching. Educators are hired for displaying proficient technical skills and industry experience, as well as passion and heart. They are committed to developing individuals. Confidence and emotional health are the secrets to give the students the greatest chance to realize their dreams.

Competent technical skills, business acumen and personal growth are equally important to your future success. These three educational elements make the Academy of Hair Design a truly unique school in the Austin area.